• Gino W

    Dr. Hoban is AMAZING!!! He has a natural gift for healing. I’d highly recommend his services to anyone I know. All of his supplements are organic, highly effective, and intuitively constructed. Considering the benefits I saw from his services and supplements they are very reasonably priced. After all, who can put a price on health?

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  • This man is a very good human being. he is not in this business just for the money. I called him to ask for a natural anti-inflamatory and he spent 10 minutes on the phone with me explaining the different things i can do and then asked me to call him if I need anything else.

    the prices for his supplements are a little high.

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    Sasha N.
  • Whitney J.

    A few months ago I was diagnosed with a pretty rare autoimmune disorder. I’ve been so fortunate to have discovered Dr. Jacob Hoban. I didn’t feel the western medicinals route was right for me, so I turned to his (amazing) supplements and care and have been able to treat and manage the disorder completely holistically. The improvements have been incredible, so believe me when I say Dr Hoban’s supplements are soo worth looking into! He has solutions for health issues across the board- from hormonal, thyroid, digestive, inflammatory, nervous etc. It’s been a life changer, so I wanted to share with all of my yelp amigos 🙂 drhoban.com
    I cannot say enough good things about this man!! He is VERY generous with his time and attention to detail. Every question I have ever asked he promptly follows with in depth related questions about my personal health history to get a thorough picture of overall health so he can properly diagnose the problem and recommend the right supplements and care.

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  • Dr. Hoban has been my main go-to doctor, counselor and nutritional advisor since I met him 12 years ago in Los Angeles. He has an amazing intuitive skill along with hands-on, practical and knowledge based understanding of the body. Ive been working onthe fringes pf natural health and am a healing practitioner myself and can say he’s at the top of the game, and has a great heart and compassion also. I haven’t tried his supplements yet but am eager to do so. Thank you for helping me!

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    Leah G
  • Adel R

    “I have noticed incredible changes in the skin around my eyes since I began using Bina Eye Serum. I have spent thousands of dollars trying dozens of eye creams, lotions and serums, and this is the only one that really works! I have noticed a significant improvement, thank you.”