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Nutrition & Supplement Consultation

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The Nutrition & Supplement Program is specifically designed to assist those who seek an expert’s guidance on proper nutrition and supplementation. This is an excellent choice for those looking for a healthier lifestyle and nutrition and does also include assistance in supplementation. Dr. Jacob Hoban will develop a personalized, comprehensive nutritional program based on your unique requirements and offer you insight in healthy nutrition, guide you to make healthy eating changes and transform your life forever. The food plans designed by Dr. Hoban will be specifically crafted around your individual needs and lead you towards digestive health, thriving immune system, vitality and general well-being.

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Product Description

“A healthy diet should be individualized, not two people have the same nutritional needs.” – Dr Jacob Hoban


The Nutrition & Supplement Program is an excellent option for those seeking answers to their questions regarding nutrition and proper supplementation. Medical Intuitive, Holistic Doctor, Metabolic Nutritionist, Traditional Naturopath, and Lifestyle Coach, Dr. Hoban, looks at each individual holistically and finds the source of where their health issues stem from.

Dr. Hoban recognizes the fact that there are numerous factors that make up the condition of one’s health. The unique method in which he works with each person is by treating them as an individual, learning about their lifestyle and history, and working with that to then turn their life into a healthier version that is perfectly suited to each individual. Dr. Hoban considers factors such as lifestyle, stress, habits, blood type, gender, body type, family history, ancestry, and geographic location, as well as specific factors unique to each individual. What may be a perfect nutritional program for one person can potentially be harmful for another. Dr. Hoban educates each individual so that they will be able to make preventative choices in order to avoid future health issues, and have a better understanding as to what kind of food and supplements work best for them.

Here are some examples of the various topics covered in The Nutrition & Supplement Program:

  • Recommendation of Customized Supplement Program
  • Learn What Proper Nutrition Means for Your Body
  • Eliminate Toxins/Add More Nutrients
  • Have a Better Understanding of Health, Symptoms & Disease
  • Learn How to Prevent Disease
  • Treat your Acute & Long-Term Illnesses Most Effectively


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