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Learn to take a better care of your body, master your thoughts and emotions and reach your full potential! Discover the blockages and imbalances that are harming your health and mental and spiritual well-being and take the path towards self-realization and spiritual awakening. Become the person you are destined to be: Healthy and Happy!

Through the extensive and skillfully customized Awareness Therapy Lifestyle Coaching Program, Dr. Hoban will study, educate and guide you to become a healthier, happier and more conscious person. He will give insight in self-acceptance, elimination of old habits and experiences, teach you the fundamentals of proper nutrition and help you make healthier, more conscious choices for a fuller, more joyful and flourishing life.


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Product Description

“For a patient to become truly healthy, he or she must embark on a journey of self-discovery.” – Dr Jacob Hoban

Our body, mind and soul are all connected. This concept is by no means new. Before Western Medicine became popular in the modern world, virtually every ancient system of medicine in different cultures throughout the globe treated the mind, body and soul as a whole. Yet far too often we classify each of these not seeing how they affect one another. Our thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and attitudes can positively or negatively affect the functioning of our bodies, just as our physical health can impact our emotional and mental state and well-being. We are usually not aware that our past experiences have left imprints on our hearts and minds affecting our everyday lives and choices. We are all unique individuals on an incredible journey seeking ways to live our best life possible.

Medical Intuitive, Holistic Doctor, Metabolic Nutritionist, Traditional Naturopath, and Lifestyle Coach, Dr. Hoban, is internationally known for his signature, all-encompassing, customized, Awareness Therapy Lifestyle Coaching Program. Experience one-on-one comprehensive sessions with Dr. Hoban which are best described as an exploratory journey into the body, mind and soul. Dr. Hoban assists you in the process of tapping into your own healing power within and shows you how to focus on the relationships in your life; relationship with yourself, your loved ones, your higher-self and the world around you. Shed light on obstacles in your life that are creating blockages resulting imbalances in your physical, mental, and spiritual being. After the sessions, you will have a more complete understanding of how to take better care of your body, become more aware and in control of your thoughts and feelings, get on the path of self-realization and spiritual awakening, and ultimately, reach your maximum potential in life.

Using the essential tools listed below, as described in greater detail in Dr. Hoban’s book, Health Wanted, Inquire Within, Dr. Hoban assists each person in clearing their minds, tapping into their intuition and ultimately, opening themselves up to the lives they are meant to live.

7 Stages to Recognizing Health & Happiness
1. Reacting
2. Realizing
3. Researching
4. Reducing
5. Refining
6. Repairing
7. Regenerating

7 Aspects of Optimal Wellness
1. Personal, Social, and Global Responsibility
2. Environmental Respect
3. Balanced Lifestyle
4. Bodily Care
5. Mind Awareness
6. Emotional Mastery
7. Spiritual Awakening

7 Elements of a Healthy Lifestyle
1. Cleansing/Detoxification
2. Proper Breathing/Fresh Air
3. Pure Water
4. Nutrition
5. Sleeping & Rest
6. Physical Exercise
7. Sunlight

Here are some examples of the various topics covered in Awareness Therapy:

  • Recommendation of Customized Supplement Program
  • Nutrition Therapy Program
  • Improve Relationships
  • Awaken the Healing Power Within
  • Sleep, Nourish and Care for Your Body
  • Heal Physical and Emotional Pain
  • Become Aware of How you Breathe, Move and Speak
  • Become Conscious of Where & Why you Experience Various Emotions
  • Release Fear and Doubt
  • Gain Insight, Clarity and Ultimately, a Greater Sense of Purpose
  • Change Beliefs That Have Held You Back and Created Limitations
  • Increase Productivity
  • Reduce Stress and Anxiety
  • Enhance Your Confidence
  • Get Out of a Place of Depression or Feeling Stuck
  • Learn How to Commit and Let Go
  • Love with an Open Heart and Without Attachments
  • Be Fully Present and Connected
  • Make Better Life Choices
  • Achieve Career Goals
  • Change and Eliminate Negative Habits
  • Realize Your Intuition
  • Understand Your True Purpose and Calling in Life
  • Meditation and Breathing



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