Consultation Questionaire

If you are interested in setting up a phone consultation with Dr. Hoban, please contact 818-348-1020.
Please fill out the following questionnaire prior to your consultation. Dr Hoban will review this free of charge as well as recommend any supplements that may be beneficial for you as well. We currently have a special for anyone who has had a consultation, when purchasing any Health Linx Supplement product the 4th bottle is free.

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Bowel Movement

History of Antibiotic use

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Colas  No Low Medium High
Junk Food  No Low Medium High
Fast Food  No Low Medium High
Fried Food  No Low Medium High
Cigarettes  No Low Medium High
Narcotic Drugs  No Low Medium High
Vegetables  No Low Medium High
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The following section is applicable to women only
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Mood Swings?

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