Take Charge

Your Health is in Your Hands.


We face a multitude of health threats on a daily basis. We are surrounded by environmental pollutants, we consume processed and refined foods, put chemicals and poisons into our bodies, and if that weren’t enough, our own negative habits and lifestyle choices wreck havoc on our health. Our body is constantly in defense mode and trying to protect itself from these threats.


Many of us live our lives ignoring the factors that contribute to our poor health until it becomes too late. Our body works hard to protect itself against the threats we put into our bodies until infection occurs. Our body defends itself from the harmful threats we face everyday, and its natural result comes through as fear and insecurity. Our bodies have the complexity and design to send signals to our brain that your body is in danger and not living to its best; we just have to listen.


Most of us live in areas of the world where we face environmental pollutants every day and eat foods that are packed with artificial ingredients and chemicals. We have been made to believe by the media that choosing artificial sweeteners is a healthy option, when in reality, the FDA has confirmed that there are over 92 symptoms of disease caused by aspartame (an artificial sweetener) consumption.


We live in a fast paced world filled with deadlines, traffic and daily stressors. We have built up various degrees of low-self worth and a lack of self acceptance, many times stemming from childhood, that place even pressure on our body’s ability to defend itself.


The effects of negative health vary from person to person, depending on the degrees of the various factors I have mentioned. Nonetheless, they exist in all of us and it is up to us to understand how we can make changes.


First, it is important that we recognize that our definition of disease is incorrect. What illness really means is that it’s the body defending itself. There are three lines of defense that your body goes through to protect itself. The first line of defense consists of physical and chemical barriers, tiny microorganisms that live on our skin and mucus lining and maintain balance in the body. The second line of defense deals with the cell protection of our body’s immune system. The third line of defense results an in infection, which mark the final defense line.


What most people are not aware of is that there are many ways we can better protect ourselves from illness. For one, we have the power to choose what foods go into our body. Natural, unprocessed foods in their organic state are the best. Choose food that is locally grown and in season. Eliminate all chemical poisons and sweeteners from your diet. Make it a habit to spend time outside in nature.


Make exercise a part of your lifestyle. Listen to your body to find out what kind of exercises work best for you. Recognize that we have control over what thoughts we put into our minds and what kind of experiences we have in our lives. Our mental, emotional and physical health are all connected. We must learn to love and accept ourselves in order to make these changes.