“The body is a beautiful instrument; always trying to alert us of imbalances, always regenerating, replenishing, and reviving. Illness is a symptom of imbalance. When we squash the symptoms with simple band-aid responses, we squash the voice within. We must become aware of that voice and honor the symptoms so that we can discover the cause. We are ultimately responsible for our own health. Likewise, with the right tools and proper knowledge, we are capable of self-healing, self-inspiration, and finally self-realization.” - Dr. Jacob Hoban


A pioneering Holistic Health Practitioner, Dr. Hoban's background includes homeopathy, nutrition, herbal medicine, exercise physiology and transformational counseling. He is well known for his Awareness Therapy Program which consists of a comprehensive session best described as an exploratory journey into the body, mind and soul. Dr. Hoban founded the Natural Healing Center in Encino, CA in 1992. In 2000, he created the Health Linx Supplement Line and Pure Elements Natural Skincare Line. An expert in Preventive Health Care and Nutritional Science, Dr. Hoban is a consultant for health care clinics across the United States, Europe, and Middle East.

Dr. Hobans 7 Aspects of Optimal Wellness

Spiritual Awakening

Mind Awareness

Emotional Mastery

Bodily Care

Environmental Respect

Balanced Lifestyle

Personal & Global Responsibility

Coming Soon : "Healing is a personal journey. As I heal others, I am healed; as I teach, I learn. We are all here together on this healing journey. We are all here to grow."

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